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Friday, August 3, 2012
i love to make you laugh
i love to make you happy
i love to see your eyes
i love to see you .. even i can't touch you
your eyes so meaningful .. even we couldn't talk each other ..  i can understand what you think about.
your eyes made me so comfort!!

its crazy!!! I'm falling in love with you .. Jesuss...

so many thing that i want to share with you..
even i couldn't talk but u know deep with in my heart
you tell me how much You loved me and I'm so shy..

i want to know you more..
i really love youu...
my love only for youu..

you make me fly and till now i don't know where i am

My special moment are when we meet and you said that you love me more..
also you made me laugh so loud and all i want to know about you more and moreee...
i can't describe how much i love youu
you can take and see my heart.. all i want is YOU ..
ill never like this before..

you make me so special.. and i feel so special and that ill never get from other man who say "loved me"
you so romantic.. and ill never felt like this before .. and ill never get from other man who say "he love me"
you always know what i want and what i felt, even toughly i can't say any words
but you know me so well ...

i love you Lord...
every day.. more and moreee...

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